Port of Heraklion

About Heraklion, Guide and Tourist Attractions
(Heraklion, Crete, Greece)

Heraklion enjoys being both a popular tourist and a business destination. It has its own airport and harbour and is a financial hub.

There is plenty to do and see in the town with activities ranging from visiting ancient ruins to participating in active water sports.

What to do in Heraklion

Heraklion is rich in history and culture with many ancient sites to visit. Annually, Heraklion and the nearby villages get together to organise art, cultural and music festivals that showcase 'everything Greek'.

Shopping in Heraklion is excellent with many shops to browse. There is a wide variety of items on sale including souvenirs and gifts, traditional Greek handicrafts, clothing, food and furniture. The town is home to an excellent market selling some excellent gift ideas at very reasonable prices. It also boasts some top-class designer boutiques which are renowned for their style and price tags.

Tourist Attractions

There are a number of historical ruins and sites to visit in the town including the Cathedral of St Minas (the patron saint of the city), the medieval monastery of St Catherine in Lion Square and the ancient Basilica of Saint Marcus, which dates back to the 13th century.

Dominating the city is the majestic fortress of Koules. This impressive castle dates back to the Venetian times but was ruined by an earthquake in the early 14th century. It was reconstructed in the mid 16th century and is an impressive sight which is well worth the view.

The town is home to many quaint sidewalk cafés and restaurants where you can sit and relax over a cup of coffee while partaking in a spot of people watching.

Heraklion Port

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